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TS 68-HV, ThermoSystem 68 Windows and ConceptWall 50 Façades - Office building Jardins du Lou located in Lyon, France

Jardins du Lou

France - Lyon
Apartmentcomplex Antwerp Tower located in Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp Tower

Belgium - Antwerp
CW 60-SC Façades - Community centre Belmont Hub located in Perth, Australia

Belmont Hub

Australia - Perth
ConceptSystem 77 Windows, ConceptSystem 77 Doors, ConceptPatio 155 Sliding & Folding and ConceptWall 50 Façades - Wembley Park located in London, United Kingdom

Wembley Park

United Kingdom - London
ConceptWall 50 Façades, ConceptFolding 77 Sliding & Folding, ConceptSystem 77 Windows and ConceptSystem 77 Doors - House South Water Flats located in Kempenfelt Bay, Canada

South Water Flats

Canada - Kempenfelt Bay
CW 50-SC Façades - Business center Paragon Tower located in Ankara, Turkey

Paragon Tower

Turkey - Ankara
ConceptFolding 77 Sliding & Folding and ConceptWall 50 Façades - Warehouse DC New Logic III located in Tilburg, The Netherlands

DC New Logic III

The Netherlands - Tilburg
ConceptWall 50 Façades - Office building Polestar located in Gothenburg, Sweden


Sweden - Gothenburg
CW 50-SC Façades - IMED Hospital located in Valencia, Spain

IMED Hospital

Spain - Valencia
MasterLine 8 HI Windows and CW 50-HI Façades - Office building Avia Solutions Group Headquarters located in Vilnius, Lithuania

Avia Solutions Group Headquarters

Lithuania - Vilnius
CW 60-SC Façades - Office building Office building Largo Augusto Milano located in Milan, Italy

Office building Largo Augusto Milano

Italy - Milan
CW 86-EF Façades - Apartmentcomplex Millennium Centre Towers located in Sofia, Bulgaria

Millennium Centre Towers

Bulgaria - Sofia