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ConceptPatio 155 Burglarproof

Technical information



Thermal insulation - Uw Double
0.27 Btu/hr.ft².°F
Thermal insulation - Uw Triple
0.22 Btu/hr.ft².°F
Thermal insulation - Uf
1.1 W/m²K
Thermal insulation - Uw
1 W/m²K


Air tightness
0.16 cfm/ft³
Water tightness
9 psf
Air tightness
Class 4 (600Pa)
Water tightness
Class E900 (900Pa)
Wind load resistance
Class C3 (1200Pa)
AMAA rating
Class AW
PG rating
Acoustics STC
40 dB
Acoustics OITC
35 dB


Impact resistance
Opening & closing resistance
Class 4
* Note: Performances and properties may be different depending on the profile combinations


Max. dimensions & weight

Min. height of element
604 mm
Max. height of element
3614 mm
Min. height of vent
500 mm
Max. height of vent
3000 mm
Max. width of vent
2700 mm
Max. weight of vent
400 kg
Max. weight of glass
1500 kg


Min. width 4-pane
210 mm
Min. width meeting section
115 mm
Min. width T-profile
76 mm
Min. height treshold
28 mm
Depth frame
155 mm
Depth Vent
68 mm
Depth frame-vent
155 mm
Depth frame monorail
155 mm
Depth frame 2-rail
155 mm
Depth frame 3-rail
242 mm


Rebate height
25 mm
Glazing method
Dry glazing Siliconized glazing Internal glazing External glazing Glazing bead Structural Glued Glazing
Min. glass thickness - frame/element
4 mm
Max. glass thickness - frame/element
52 mm
Min. glass thickness - vent
4 mm
Max. glass thickness - vent
52 mm