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ConceptWall 50 Transom Transom

Technical information



Thermal insulation - Uw Double
0.23 Btu/hr.ft².°F
Thermal insulation - Uw Triple
0.14 Btu/hr.ft².°F


Air tightness
0.02 cfm/ft³
Water tightness
15 psf
Air tightness
1200 Pa
Water tightness
1200 Pa
Wind load resistance
Class A5 (2000Pa)
PG rating
Acoustics STC
41 dB
Acoustics OITC
35 dB


Impact resistance
* Note: Performances and properties may be different depending on the profile combinations


Max. dimensions & weight

Min. height of vent
600 mm
Min. width of vent
450 mm
Max. weight of vent
180 kg
Min. intertia mullion - Ix
74 mm
Max. intertia transom - Ix
937 mm
Min. intertia transom - Iy (glass load)
23 mm
Max. intertia transom - Iy (glass load)
68 mm


Min. width T-profile
50 mm
Min. visible width (interior view)
50 mm
Min. visible width (exterior view)
50 mm
Min. depth mullion
83.5 mm
Max. depth mullion
230.5 mm
Min. depth transom
83.5 mm


Rebate height
20 mm
Glazing method
Dry glazing with EPDM or neutral silicones Fixing by pressure plates
Min. glass thickness - frame/element
8 mm
Max. glass thickness - frame/element
64 mm