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09 Mar 2022

Stay safe with Reynaers Aluminium

Your home should be a secure place for you and your family to enjoy, every day of the year. Ensuring a maximum safety level of building elements is one of Reynaers Aluminium top priorities. That is why we regularly test our products for all kinds of safety hazards, such as fire resistance and bulletproof protection.

Whether it is about windows, doors, façade solutions, or sliding systems: safety always comes first. In our own dedicated Test Centre, but also at external test labs, we closely monitor safety and performance levels of all our aluminium products. Extensive advice and support, manufacturing of test elements, professional research – it is all part of our expertise. In this article, we have a closer look at the main safety aspects we test on and integrate in our systems.

Burglar resistance

Do you want aluminium systems that keep unwanted visitors out and look stylish while doing it? Plenty of our aluminium systems feature burglar-proof safety variants that can comply with various burglar resistance levels. Their extreme stability make the systems hard to deform, and even harder to break. And combined with our range of sturdy locks and access control systems, you can prevent burglars from breaking into your home or workspace even better.

Reynaers Aluminium profiles are hard to deform, and even harder to break. They are the perfect burglar-proof solutions!

Fire resistance

A non-flammable material with a melting temperature of over 600 degrees, aluminium is perfectly suited for all kinds of fireproof solutions. We test our systems for resistance against fire spread in close cooperation with various accredited European labs. We check whether the aluminium solutions meet the necessary requirements – that is, to withstand 30 or 60 minutes of fire heated up to 1,000 degrees Celsius – to make sure we offer excellent quality and safety.

Interior view of skyscraper penthouse with flames showing through the windows.

Thanks to its fire resistance, fire rated aluminium is an ideal solution for industrial projects such as oil platforms, laboratories, schools and airports. However, residential buildings and private homes will certainly benefit from our fireproof systems as well.

Bullet protection

Tested and approved bulletproof systems can save lives. That is why these Reynaers Aluminium safety variants often feature in banks, post offices or police stations. Whether they are façade solutions, sliding systems, windows or doors, we always test our bulletproof systems in notified test labs such as TNO and the Royal Military School. Interested? Watch the video below to see a successful bulletproof test on a ConceptSystem 77 door.

Earthquake resistance

In some regions, building earthquake-proof public spaces, factories and houses is a real necessity. After all, nothing should be left to chance. We carry out seismic tests to ensure that these safety systems remain stable and of high quality even after natural disasters. Because prevention is better than cure.

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