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Indoor detail view of opened black sliding system.
07 Mar 2022

Sliding or folding doors: the perfect fit for your project

Appearance, convenience, and performance should be front of mind when choosing the right door system to suit your individual project. Reynaers Aluminium sliding and folding doors are your safest and optimal choice in this process.

When (re)building your house, it is worth looking at different types of doors to compare all the options. For instance, sliding and folding doors both have their pros and cons, but how to choose the perfect fit for your specific project? We help you make the best decision possible.

Design options

Sliding doors are available in a multitude of configurations that offer unlimited design freedom. A sliding door system with one, two, or three rails: the choice is yours. Do you want something truly unique? An ingenious open corner solution combines two perpendicular doors that slide open, away from a corner without any fixed posts blocking the view. With our unique pocket solution, the vents disappear seamlessly into any wall.

Do you prefer a folding door system? Perfect choice as well. The versatile aluminium system offers multiple glazing solutions and colours, comes in different opening directions and can feature combinations with doors or fixed glass panes.

Outside view of opened folding door system featured in a private home.

Wide opening and spectacular view

Windows and doors open up your property completely, especially when you prefer floor-to-ceiling glass. Let in an abundance of natural light and fresh air while you enjoy spectacular views. Adaptability thanks to the many different configurations is a key advantage of sliding doors. The minimalistic systems offer the most uninterrupted views as they consist of fewer, wider door leaves with bigger panes of glass. By comparison, folding doors have more door leaves, each with a frame around them, so there will be more visible lines.

Sliding doors are highly adaptable and offer spectacular views.

However, folding doors have indisputable advantages of their own. You can fold back an entire wall, as folding doors help to create that seamless transition between home and garden. Moreover, they come in four different threshold heights to meet the needs of your particular project perfectly.

Indoor view of a bright living room, looking out on a vast lake thanks to our HiFinity sliding solution.

Easy to open

Does opening a large sliding door require a bit of effort? No, not with Reynaers Aluminium lift-and-slide doors. The user-friendly system offers a state-of-the-art solution whereby the door is fitted with a slightly longer handle and a clever sliding mechanism. Turning the handle 180 degrees lifts the door by just a few millimetres and reduces the friction between the door leaf and the frame. As a result, you can open even the largest sliding doors effortlessly.

Do you prefer even more user comfort? Opt for an automatic opening system on our mono-, duo- or multi-rail solutions. Enjoy easy access at the push of a button with the help of some Reynaers Aluminium ingenuity.

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Private House Luzarches – Jean Marc Péchard (photographer)