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Anodised aluminium with Qualanod logo
15 Mar 2022

Qualanod: enjoy certified anodised profiles

Qualanod is a European quality label specifically developed for sulphuric acid-based anodising of aluminium. The certificate applies to both the production process and the aluminium final product. Qualanod-certified systems are always a sustainable choice, both environmentally, socially, and economically.

All our anodising suppliers bear the Qualanod label. Aluminium profiles processed by these partners meet the strictest European requirements regarding seal integrity, service life, UV resistance, discolouration, and the like. The Qualanod certificate is an easy way to recognise high-quality anodised profiles that fit any architectural style perfectly. That is why at Reynaers Aluminium, we provide certified quality and durable design in every window, door, or façade solution.

Visit the Qualanod website for more information.

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