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similar banner as C2C, but not with trees as it is more a quality label than a sustainable certificate
15 Mar 2022


The CE or Conformité Européenne marking is a European quality label awarded to products that meet high standards in various domains, ranging from safety to health and environmental issues. You can find the label on products destined for the European Economic Area (EEA) only.

The CE-marking process – and conforming to EEA standards in general – starts at the manufacturing level. How does it work? Manufacturers who work with quality materials perform a conformity check-up on their products and create technical files as proof. Next, they issue an EU declaration of conformity to obtain the CE-certificate, which leads to the CE-marking being added onto the final product.

Further along the chain, distributors and importers also look for the CE-certificate to ensure only high-quality, EEA-appropriate products make it to the EU markets.

What does CE mean for consumers?

As a consumer in the European Union, you know that products bearing the CE-certificate uphold the highest levels of safety, quality and health standards. We train Reynaers Aluminium manufacturers to obtain the CE-marking, ensuring all our systems meet and beat European quality requirements flawlessly.