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09 Mar 2022

Acoustic insulation: reduce unwanted noise inside your home

The material for your windows and doors should perfectly match the style of your building, both visually and functionally. Next to the insulation or powder coating level, the acoustic aspect of profiles heavily depends on the project location. Reynaers Aluminium helps you keep out unwanted noise from your home.

As cities attract more and more people, and traffic is getting worse by the day, optimising acoustic insulation has become a crucial necessity. The acoustic performance of your home is determined by its building materials, as well as by the number of openings in the building envelope.

Both air tightness and acoustic glazing are of key importance when it comes to insulation. But what do these concepts mean? And how do they influence your choice of profiles?

Air tightness

Air tightness plays an essential role in acoustic insulation. Whenever air is able to escape, acoustics will diminish. That is why Reynaers Aluminium equips all its systems with acoustic sealing that, combined with the central sealing, guarantees superior air tightness. With the acoustic gasket hidden inside the profiles, homeowners enjoy ultimate peace of mind.

The insulation level of Reynaers Aluminium systems is defined by the profiles, the gaskets, and the acoustic glazing.

Interior view of New York penthouse, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows.

Acoustic glazing

Our innovative acoustic glazing will increase the insulation value even more. Asymmetric double glazing, with different glass thickness at the inside and outside, keeps out noise effortlessly. A layered inner glass pane blocks out even more sound. You can also invest in a layered inner glass pane, fitted with acoustic PVB foil. Although a pricy option, this combination ensures optimal acoustic performance.

At Reynaers Aluminium we develop cutting-edge solutions with optimal acoustic insulation. Our aluminium profiles do not allow heat to escape from the inside, but keep noise disturbance to an absolute minimum. All that is left to do, is for you to enjoy the benefits.

Reynaers Aluminium systems improve your comfort in many other ways too.

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The Jackson – Fogarty Finger (architect), Alexander Severin (photographer)