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ISO Standard logo in front of people surrounded by boxes in the warehouse.
15 Mar 2022

ISO standards at Reynaers Aluminium

ISO labels are international quality standards that indicate best practice in all kinds of fields of expertise. Reynaers Aluminium is certified for both the ISO 9001, which relates to quality management, and the ISO 14001 quality label, which determines environmental management.

ISO certificates are internationally recognised quality labels you can only receive after a long and thorough audit. To obtain – and keep – ISO standards, the various departments of a company are evaluated to determine whether the operations comply with the standards mentioned. In the case of Reynaers Aluminium, independent auditor Bureau Veritas assigned two certificates: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Our ISO standards

Firstly, the ISO 9001:2015 certificate acknowledges how we at Reynaers Aluminium implement a daring and high-quality management system. We operate from a process approach, apply responsive risk management and continuously improve our daily workings. As a result, we raise the quality of our products, involve our employees in decision-making and provide customer-oriented service.

We are proud of our quality management, but we take care of our environmental responsibilities as well.

The ISO 14001:2015 quality label, on the other hand, indicates that our company operates from an eco-friendly perspective. Reynaers Aluminium implements a strict environmental policy, based on sustainable processes and continual improvement. We respond to the ever-changing climatological conditions and take the socio-economic needs of all our stakeholders into account. Together for better is our motto, now more than ever.

Find out more about these and many more quality standards on the official ISO website.

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