Associate Director, Lyon Sleeman & Horne

Using our diverse range of projects that we have in the practice Reynaers has always given us the opportunity to talk through and discuss the options that are available. We have had great customer service from Reynaers, they seem to be very attentive, and give fast responses to any queries that we have. Reynaers seems to have a very complete product range which has been developed over 50 years, with new exciting products coming forward.

Richard Wilson

Pre-contract Director, Century Faҫades

Reynaers has excellent customer service. One of the most talked about aspects of our industry is what happens pre-contract, not what happens during contract. I think what Reynaers gets right is that right from project conception it is lending technical expertise and a can-do attitude, rather than sitting back and waiting for someone to give it a contract later.
I think that kind of proactivity makes Reynaers probably the leading brand.
All really strong systems companies have to be innovative and what that looks like is being aware of how regulations and standards are going to change, and how the need to conserve fuel has changed things for the aluminium market – and changed things for us all.
I think that what Reynaers does well is that its extensive range of products also connects to its technical testing centre. I was impressed by the size and scale that products are tested to in Belgium and the strength of the people working in the laboratory, some of whom have been there for their entire careers.
It was a really positive statement about Reynaers' investment in R&D and people, to get the best products.
We would recommend Reynaers as it is particularly client-focused and really involves itself very strongly at the start of projects.
It’s prepared to roll up its sleeves and get involved very early on and helps sell a complicated product in an honest and straightforward fashion.

Graham Hackley

Architect at Goddard Manton Architects

"We worked with Reynaers products on the Dalston Lane project as part of the Hackney development. We used Reynaers sliding doors, curtain walling and windows on the project as well as their sliding system - GP51. GP51 provided an ideal modular solution for glazing balconies which allowed us to create winter gardens, opening up the balconies to residents all year round and further extending the usable space in the apartments."

Robin Gimblett

Façade specialist for Sir Robert McAlpine

"The Princesshay development was a challenge and we were pleased to be able to utilise Reynaers systems for specific applications. The environmental factor, particularly in respect of both the use of recycled materials and complying with forthcoming legislation, was an important consideration."

Alan Clevett

Matías Garcia del Valle - ARUP
The new Coca-Cola Headquarters in Madrid was a high demanding Project for Arup. Arup carried out the façades design, sustainability consulting, energy modeling and LEED certification of this building which is intended to become an environmental example.  As Façade Engineers, we have a commitment with the Architects to develop a complex design together with a completely proof performance solution. We collaborate in the details design from early concept stage to construction site. Reynaers Aluminium provided new profiles for the job to enable the best architectural and constructive solution for our design. It is clear to us that working with Reynaers during the design is the best way to anticipate later problems on site.