Whether you choose for a lacquered or anodised surface finish, you will enjoy the lifelong beauty of your windows without having to invest in paint or varnish. As opposed to other materials, powder coated or anodised aluminium is not affected by UV-radiation and will never start to rust or rot, making it extremely low maintenance. The surface finish of your windows does not only have an aesthetic value, it also provides extra protection for  the aluminium.

Pure aluminium has a very good corrosion resistance, due to an oxide layer, which protects the metal against the outside environment.  This natural, untreated surface was  typical of the early aluminium windows. Nowadays however, new techniques are developed for the surface treatment of aluminum, which increase the durability and give the systems an extra design aspect. 

Powder coating
To offer your profile systems in any colour you can imagine, Reynaers offers a painting technique called powder coating. In the process of powder coating, the aluminium is first degreased and cleaned.  A coloured powder is then sprayed onto the statically charged profiles.  These profiles are subsequently baked in ovens, allowing the powder to melt together into a stable and high quality finish of the aluminium. To guarantee maximum  quality, this procedure is performed according to the strict guidelines of the European Qualicoat-standard (link: Qualicoat).

The anodisation surface treatment gives the profiles a controlled oxide layer, giving them a high level of protection in combination with a natural look. In the process of anodisation, profiles are degreased and cleaned before being dipped into a chemical bath. This is where an artificial oxidation process takes place, allowing the pores of the aluminium to open. The profiles are then coloured in a bath of metal oxide. Finally, the pores are closed again in a special steam bath. To ensure the very best quality, this specialized procedure is performed according to the strict guidelines of the European Qualanod-standard (link: Qualanod).

What should I choose?
There is virtually no difference in quality between lacquering or anodising. The only subtle difference can be found in the aesthetics: with lacquering, the aluminium surface is covered with a top layer, while anodisation preserves the original structure of the aluminium. However, some extreme or aggressive (polluted) environments -such as coastal areas or megacities- require an extra level of protection. Reynaers therefore advises pre-anodisation of the profiles before being powder coated. The combination of these two techniques results in the most complete long-term protection of your building elements.