Managing Director and Principal Architect at David James Architects & Associates Ltd

We’ve been working with Reynaers for several years and have been consistently impressed with the design and quality of its innovative products – so much so that I’ve recently installed Reynaers’ CP 130 lift and slide door system in my own home.
We specify Reynaers’ products on the majority of our projects as they are an attractive and affordable option within our designs.
It is fantastic to work with the team and their commitment to excellence and attention to detail is second to none. They are friendly, informative and reliable and a real pleasure to deal with.

David James

Partner at Martins Camisuli Architects

I’ve been working with Reynaers for the past six years. I used to work on big commercial schemes using the products and now use them on domestic projects since joining my wife in her practice – Reynaers is a fantastic company with quality products and was an obvious choice.

I find the lead in time much shorter than other systems companies and Reynaers actually halved the time quoted by a competitor on a recent project. I also think that the product range tends to be far more economical. Lots of other companies struggle with the sorts of size windows and doors that I specify – sometimes up to 3.2 meters in height – but Reynaers can deliver.

Sebastian Camisuli

Managing Director, Everglade

We’ve been working with Reynaers for around three years on both the commercial and domestic side of the business. We’re just about to complete a big project in Wembley using CS 77 and are in the middle of a Barratt Homes project in South London.
We’re really happy with the customer service we get from Reynaers and the level of technical expertise is excellent. They’ve got a huge team and they support us – we’ve built up a very good relationship.
Reynaers are always willing to talk, listen and deliver, which is a big thing for us. We value having this close relationship with Reynaers and find their attentiveness is critical in winning business and ensuring we offer the best product and deliver to tight site schedules.
Reynaers consider all our requests as important and take them seriously. I feel very confident relying on the Reynaers’ team. The quality of the products is very good – there’s such a big product range to suit all requirements and all are of a high standard. 

Vinod Gopal

Architect, Barton Willmore

We chose Reynaers for the residential development Manhattan Plaza by Canary Wharf for its quality of product and reliability. The excellent level of customer and technical service was also an important consideration both for us as the specifier and for the client as Developer Builder. We specified CS-77 for the windows and doors, and the CP-150LS for the sliding door systems. 

Caroline Busby

Commercial Director, Berkeley Homes South East London

Reynaers was chosen as one of our key system manufacturers in 2015 across Berkeley Group. We’ve worked very closely together on a wide number of projects, including most recently 250 City Road in London. I’ve been impressed by the management style, the drive, initiative and commitment the company has shown us.

Reynaers has a very hands on approach, whenever you speak with the team they get involved and strive to resolve issues quickly – they are very responsive at all levels of the company. It is a nice mix as it is very approachable in the way that a smaller company might take, but Reynaers has the bigger global buying power of the Reynaers Group behind them.

The range of design is good, we are looking for the products of tomorrow and those that are keeping ahead of trends. We always want clearer sightlines and less obstruction of frames and Reynaers provides those.

Tony Ball

Director, Architecture initiative

I specified Reynaers for over 10 years on many jobs: public sector, private sector jobs, and had a good experience with them and the products are really good and represent the quality of architecture that we want to produce. We work with their sales reps initially to find the right products, then we work with their technical team who provide good technical support, including lots of CAD drawings, and we work with them to detail up the products. We have been asked on several projects how do we detail certain door and curtain walling scenarios, and we have recommended Reynaers.

Lee Mainwaring

Director of Architecture, Broadway Malyan

Reynaers has provided us with a series of systems that have met and exceeded the thermal performance levels that we require as architects.
We have certain levels that we need to achieve and we haven’t had any issues whatsoever, especially in terms of technical support to be able to achieve those levels.
What I’m looking for in a good aluminium system is a great aesthetic, a very good, technically sound product and something that I know is going to perform throughout the longevity of its lifetime.
I think Reynaers produces a good quality product, at good value. One of its strongest attributes is the customer service and technical knowledge that it can provide. Working with Reynaers has been a good process. I would recommend it – it has produced a good quality system that has performed.

Alex Taylor

Director, KDS & Associates Limited

We’re a delivery practice so it’s very important for us to get technical information right up front and Reynaers gives us that early input into what we need to get projects going.
The reason that we use Reynaers products is they’re tried, they’re tested and we get great after sales service. Reynaers’ Consult Design Manager John Campbell is always there to help us understand which products to use and the company’s flexibility to the design approach is very good.
When it comes to bespoke details, Reynaers has always been extremely helpful and provided a physical technical solution that we could implement.

Juan Alberts

Associate Director, PRP Architects

Recently we’ve been dealing with quite a challenging acoustic sensibility in a building next to a night club on a busy road. We’ve asked Reynaers to give us advice on quite a challenging technical solution to an acoustic problem that’s applied to us by planning permission. The team was able to give us advice and certainty to move forward and that was very valuable at that stage in the project. When we are looking at aluminium systems we are looking for good sight lines, a good amount of glazing, good daylight into the building, good thermal performance from the frame as well as the glazing, sharp products with clean edges and good colours that Reynaers offers.
I would recommend Reynaers because we’ve had good experience previously and when we work with them on projects they often go the extra mile and give us the inputs we need to supply technical responsibilities – that’s why we work with them over and over again.

Robert Squibb

Managing Director, KDS & Associates

Compliance is probably the biggest issue we face on a daily basis. In the UK there are a huge amount of compliance requirements that are attributable to residential developments.
I think that Reynaers has been very successful in trying to meet those challenges. There’s a good testing regime and we are able to get a lot of our technical requirements over the
Reynaers’ support is very good and it’s a two-way process: the guys have built up a very good relationship with Reynaers’ technical advisers. We have meetings every six weeks for them to find out what we’re doing, and also for us to find out what Reynaers is doing in development. We have dedicated technical advisors who we can speak to over the phone, get a quick response from and answer when our guys in the office are under pressure, and
that’s a very big factor for us using Reynaers.

Ian Crowhurst