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Recreation/Entertainment centre Quion Rock Wine Estate located in Stellenbosch, South-Africa

Quion Rock Wine Estate

Bringing the spectacular exterior landscape into the wine estate’s interior spaces.
CW 50-SC Curtain Walls and CW 50 Curtain Walls - IMED Hospital located in Spain

IMED Hospital

The IMED hospital, located in Valencia, Spain, is a great example of the repurposing of an old office building. 
CW 65-EF Curtain Walls - Business center River Hall located in Lithuania

River Hall

River Hall is an A-class business center, designed to ensure best working conditions and highest energy efficiency requirements.
CW 50 Curtain Walls - Library Deventer Library located in Deventer, the Netherlands

Deventer Library

The new public library in Deventer is contemporary in design and use of materials, while blending in beautifully with its historical context.
CW 65-EF Curtain Walls - Schiffbauplatz located in Zürich, Switzerland


Restrained in form and with a very stately quality, the new commercial building on the Schiffbauplatz defines the place without oppressing it....
CW 50 Curtain Walls - Villa Casa Bielman - Rios located in Spain

Casa Bielman - Rios

Unobstructed views in a contemporary family house. 
Hi-Finity Sliding Systems - Apartmentcomplex Lagasca 99 located in Madrid, Spain

Lagasca 99

This unique project, created by the prestigious architect Rafael de La-Hoz, reflects the dynamic character of Madrid. 
CW 50-HI Curtain Walls, SlimLine 38 Windows, Hi-Finity Sliding Systems and RB Glass Complementary Systems - Apartmentcomplex Diamond 1 located in Sochi, Bulgaria

Diamond 1

Diamond 1 is a unique, high-end residential building in Sofia, Bulgaria. 
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CW 50 Curtain Walls - Apartmentcomplex Veb Tower located in Ankara, Turkey

Veb Tower

Veb Tower offers spacious, bright and quiet living appartments.
CP 155 (-LS) Sliding Systems, CS 59Pa Windows and CW 50 Curtain Walls - Apartmentcomplex Zuiderzicht Nieuw Zuid located in Antwerp, Belgium

Zuiderzicht Nieuw Zuid

Zuiderzicht is the first of 8 sustainable residential towers that is being built in the South of Antwerp.
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